Course Outline

Responsible Gaming consists of how to identify problem gaming. You will learn what the consequences might be in case if a player misuses gambling. Also, you will learn how to prevent addiction gaming and to direct players who are developing a gaming dependency and receive the knowledge of the risks that might occur. The course meets the standards of the Malta Gaming Authority.

  • Provide a responsible gaming report.

  • Identify risks in relation to responsible gaming and regulate a prevention to mitigate them.

  • Understand the fundamental importance of responsible gaming check.

  • Possess a very good understanding of the signs and symptoms of problem gaming.

  • Determine the type of approach needed to handle a person who is experiencing responsible gaming challenges.

  • Create a proactive culture within the whole organisation with respect to responsible gaming and duty of care.

  • Demonstrate efficient recognition of responsible gaming challenges.

Training Pays Scheme Refund

If you reside in Malta, you will receive €75 of your course fee back via the Training Pays Scheme and the course fee after you receive the refund will be €25.