Course Outline

Working in front of the camera as a casino game presenter requires training in body language and facial expressions that communicate positively on the screen to ensure that playing customers enjoy their gaming experience with you. You will be trained how to communicate information to all clients and fellow employees in a formal and friendly manner. We will train you in the psychology of players and some of superstitions that influence their behavior.

  • Recognize the fundamental importance of hosting and presenting casino games.

  • Communicate effectively and retain players on your casino table.

  • Identify live studio casino environments and what it entails to work in these environments.

  • Communicate and describe the functionalities of the game to playing customers.

  • Perform effective casino game presenter duties in a live-studio casino.

Training Pays Scheme Refund

If you reside in Malta, you will receive €75 of your course fee back via the Training Pays Scheme and the course fee after you receive the refund will be €25.

Invest In Skills Scheme Refund

If you are a company registered in Malta, you will receive up to €22 per hour per trainee via the Invest In Skills Scheme.