Course Outline

The Award in Customer Care consists of communication skills and social behaviors whilst interacting with clients. You will learn how to communicate with clients in a friendly and gentle manner and a leading courtesy in order to present the client with the highest level of customer service in a customer care role within a company.

  • Utilize the most suitable communication method when facing challenging customers.

  • Recognize different emotions of customers.

  • Be active in problem solving.

  • Recognize different characteristics of clients.

  • Have a positive attitude that communicates respect, patience, interest & confidence to the customers.

  • Avoid getting trapped in a negative filter.

  • Report in a detailed manner for management to solve any raised incidents.

Training Pays Scheme Refund

If you reside in Malta, you will receive €75 of your course fee back via the Training Pays Scheme and the course fee after you receive the refund will be €25.

Invest In Skills Scheme Refund

If you are a company registered in Malta, you will receive up to €22 per hour per trainee via the Invest In Skills Scheme.